Monday, 15 April, 2024

Robina City FC seeking JPL players of all ages

We are seeking JPL level players to join our existing squads. Pre-season training has commenced or will be commencing soon with a view toward our selection trials in February overseen by West Ham United Oceania Academy personnel. All JPL coaches will be experienced and/or appropriately credentialed. Players can also receive additional training via our Academy for elite players conducted by Jason Buchanan, Head Coach and ex-Scotland youth international.

Interested players should contact the following coach/coordinator for training times

Under 12 JPL Coach Paul Rushton 0411103328

Under 13 Age Coordinator Chris Durkin 0451 026 400

Under 14 JPL Coach Joe Mead 0405 978 339

Under 15 Age Coordinator Mario Barnaba 0403 500 144

Under 16 JPL Coach Gary Grace 0410 815 720

Under 18 Club Secretary Maria Roughley 0407 239 993