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Robina City Soccer Club was established in 1992 with it’s field at Robina Common, Robina.

From this humble beginning the club has grown to having 9 fields catering for 55 teams and nearly 700 players in 2020, plus 20 Tiny Tots (3-5 years).

The club prides itself on providing ‘top quality’ facilities, equipment and coaching to enable players to achieve their personal level of excellence.

Over the years the club has won a multitude of awards at both senior and junior level and now has embarked on a five year Strategic Development Plan which the board believe will secure of the club in the long term.  The structure of this Business Plan recognised five succinct areas to be addressed in the development for the sport and it’s administration for the period 2011 to 2016.

These areas are:

  • Administration
  • Competition, Participation and Facilities
  • Coaching and Development
  • Marketing, Sponsorship, Special Projects and Fundraising
  • Finance

Mission Statement

The mission of the Robina Soccer Club is to attain recognition and respect from the Gold Coast Community for its continued tradition of excellence in developing players, coaches and teams. We provide a family atmosphere with all coaches, players, parents and administrators working together for the integrity and future of our club continually attracting new supporters and players thus ensuring growth and continued success and viability of the Robina City Soccer Club.”

Our Vision

The vision of the Robina Soccer Club is to recognised by players, coaches and families to be the most progressive, forward thinking, ambitious soccer club on the Gold Coast. The club views the following attributes to be key in achieving its vision: a dedicated fenced main pitch, a strong network of supporters, a well respected junior program, the best coaching and training staff in the Gold Coast, first class facilities for members and supporters and strong relationships with the local municipality.

Our Values

  • Leadership – Demonstrate leadership in the sport of soccer and being progressive in our actions
  • Integrity – Conduct all business in an honest, ethical and trustworthy manner.
  • Fair Play – Adhere to the principles of “fair play” both on and off the field
  • Excellence – Strive for and support the greatest level of achievement for members, players, volunteers and staff.
  • Stewardship – Committed fiscal responsibility, accountability, and good business practices in all our actions.
  • Engagement – Listen Vs telling membership, external communication.
  • Support those who support to club – in particular our sponsors and members thus attracting the support and respect of the Local Community.

Our Goals

The Robina Soccer Club has identified, and set for itself, several goals and objectives and is committed to their implementation as outlined the Strategic Development Plan. The club has set a number of goals for itself aimed to improve its management and administration of the affairs of the club through better communication with all of its membership and partners.

The club will be recognised for providing the most up to date coaching techniques thus attracting players and ensuring growth. The club will encourage more social interaction between players and members thus creating a “family soccer club” for all the Gold Coast soccer community to enjoy.