Tuesday, 28 May, 2024

Proposed Merger with Merrimac FC – Open Meeting for all people associated with Robina City Soccer Club Tuesday 27 January 630pm at the club

Robina City received an approach from Merrimac Football Club that lead to the following proposal for Robina City to consider:

1. The two clubs merge to be called Robina City-Merrimac Football Club or Robina City MFC.

2. The location of the fields and clubhouse be Robina Common, the current site of Robina City Soccer Club.

3. The above location will not change for a minimum of ten years.

4. The revamped logo for Robina City-Merrimac to have the key elements (including colour and heritage) of the Merrimac FC badge / logo as the leading components of the new club badge.

5. The merger would take place commencing with the 2015 season.

6. For 2015 there would be equal representation on the Management committee between members from both club priors to 2015, and the President would be a member of Robina prior to 2015, unless no one from Robina nominated. Following the 2015 season all committee members would stand down, and then be re-nominated and appointed/elected through an agreed democratic process.

Overall there are multiple benefits of a merger with approximately 650 players (Robina had 387 in 2014), with Premier League Women and Men, an Academy, and teams in all age groups.

A full letter outlining the merger proposal will be emailed to all players and coaches today or tomorrow. Each player in 2014 registered one email address and it will be forwarded to that address via the My Football Club database, and with coaches via the Coaching Director Paul Owen. If you don’t receive it by Saturday please advise Leonie Shrimpton at secretary@robinasoccer.com and she will send you a copy. The open meeting will be an opportunity to discuss the proposal, and answer questions and concerns, in a respectful environment.

Whether the merger proceeds or not registration will commence on January 31 in person at the club and with on-line registration to follow.