Sunday, 29 November, 2020

2019 Registration


Online Registration for the 2019 season opens on 3 January at 9am at:

It is a new Nationwide computer program so please be patient. You no longer need an FFA number. You will be able to retrieve your previous profile if using the same email address as last year, otherwise you need to create a new one. Families will now be under the one login.

Please see our 2019 fees attached along with the inclusions. We have kept fees as low as possible with as many inclusions as possible. Please note as shorts are a new design in 2019 one pair will be supplied by the club. Socks are the same design as 2018. Registration is not complete until players are fully paid or on a payment plan.

Club registration days will be 19 January and 2 February from 9-12 in the clubhouse, for anyone with questions or needing assistance.

All mini-roos and junior players (under 6-18s) must be registered and paid or on a payment plan by 2 February to participate in grading/selection processes after that date.

Ezidebit automated payment plans will be available at the club sign on days only, for anyone in financial need. Only the Treasurer can facilitate this, therefore please bring your bank account details and you must be registered before this can be facilitated.
Get Started Vouchers will be accepted. Please pay the balance at club at the registration days.