Tuesday, 28 May, 2024


Registration and Team allocations/selections – The committee met last night and due to being inundated by requests regarding team allocations and selections including how many teams there will be for each age group we have decided that all players must be registered by Wednesday FEBRUARY 11 (see previous posts regarding coming to the club on Saturday Feb 7 and MY Football Club re registration). It is the only way we can accurately predict how many players we will have in each age group. Team allocations and selections will commence FEBRUARY 16 (further details to be advised). The club registrar and other key people will then meet after Feb 11 to form team lists. All coaches are currently requested to attend a meeting on Saturday February 14 at 1030 at the club to discuss team selections and allocations and to be given your team/age group lists. Coaches, please prioritise this meeting. Our new Coaching Director is Sean Hedges on 0409 628 718.